About Us

For 40 years we have opened and run our private practice for psychotherapy specializing in gifted individuals. We are the top, distinguished members of our field. Not only do we provide psychotherapy services, but we have been an important resource for those within our professional community.

Jerald Grobman, M.D.

Dr Jerald Grobman is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and has been in private practice specializing in the assessment and psychotherapy of gifted adolescents and adults. His publications, video presentation, webinar, and Davidson institute seminar have become important resources for the national and international gifted community.

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Madelon Sann, LCSW

Madelon Sann has specialized in the psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy of gifted children and adults. She has had special training in the diagnosis and treatment of children on the PDD-autism spectrum. She is also an adjunct faculty member of Institute for Psychoanalysis, Training and Research.

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