Gifted Individuals

An IQ of 130 is the starting point at which an individual’s cognitive skills and processes are considered to be gifted. For a complete understanding of what it means to be gifted, however, extra-cognitive or non-cognitive skills and processes need to be considered.

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Common Personality Traits

While each gifted individual is unique in personality, the following are common personality traits they could share:

  1. An intense drive to explore, understand and master the environment. This drive can feel like a powerful physiological force that is difficult to describe and hard to control or direct
  2. Intense motivation to explore “big” ideas and “big problems” in detail and in depth.
  3. A capacity for learning that is immediate and effortless:
    • Their unusual capacity to combine razor sharp logical and uncanny intuition makes them bored and impatient with conventional teaching and standard educational settings
  4. A capacity for precocious accomplishments in many domains – intellectual, artistic, athletic, musical
  5. Extra sensitivities:
    • Physical sensitivities: light, temperature, sound, food, fabric
    • Intense allergic responses
  6. Aesthetic sensitivities: color, rhythm, form, space – a sophisticated sense of beauty well in advance of their years
  7. A capacity to “tune into” inanimate objects – a special fascination and capacity to bond with the physical environment
  8. Emotional sensitivities
  9. Empathy for other people’s pain and suffering
  10. Emotional insight into others personality structure, intellect and conflicts