Our Approach

We provide in-person sessions in New York City as well as teletherapy, and online remote sessions for domestic and international individuals.

Psychotherapy with exceptionally and profoundly gifted individuals needs to be a vibrant endeavor. For us, a lively, engaged, and interactive approach that also incorporates the ability to stand back, observe, understand, clarify, and interpret the content and process has proved more effective than traditional therapy. The process can be broken down into 3 phases.


Crisis Management


Assessment and Diagnosis



Crisis Management

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Make an Accurate Diagnosis

For an accurate diagnosis, we identify the individual’s unique expression of psychiatric syndromes and carefully analyze whether or not they are exhibiting psychiatric disorders or symptoms.

Use of Psychotropic Medication

To help support the individual during crisis management, psychotropic medication drugs are often used to prevent further psychological deterioration and restore self control. Once the individual has established a solid therapeutic alliance, the medication generally is no longer necessary.

Restore Self Regulation

To regain healthy habits, we outline a program for the gifted individual as well as teaching them stress management skills and creating plans on how to eliminate substance abuse and/or self-destructive behavior.

 Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis

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Collecting of Historical Data

We ask that the gifted individual or their parent to provide details of the individuals’ history which includes and not to descriptions of their developmental, medical, social, and educational details.

Formulating a Program

The formulation identifies each of the internal and external forces in a gifted person’s life that contribute to their problems.

Special Applications of the Psychodynamic Formulation

Psychodynamic formulation offers a deeper understanding on how the gifted individual views, operates, and reacts to their environment and people around them. Once the formulation is complete, it can act as a guide for psychotherapy as well as for school, family, and learning disability interventions.


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The Therapeutic Alliance

Developing a therapeutic alliance is important as ending therapy prematurely once the gifted individuals feel their crisis has been resolved almost always ensures a return of symptoms. Gifted individuals may  abbreviate psychotherapy because they believe that therapists do not “get” giftedness. As part of crisis intervention, addressing their inner experience of giftedness can convey that psychotherapy has more to offer than symptom relief.